Venice Henna offers a wide range of services including:

Bridal Henna, Pregnancy Henna, Bachelorette Parties, Henna Parties, Birthday Parties,  Festivals,  and Corporate Events. 

Our local rates apply to Los Angeles County, Orange County, the San Fernando  Valley, and San Diego County. For a full list of cities, click here.

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In addition to more intimate settings, I've worked with Free People, Cochella, and The United Nations.  I find inspiration 
in every face.  When you select my work, you select an experience. By choosing to work with Venice Henna you will ensure that you're receiving the highest quality Mehndi and products. 
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But it wasn't until I moved to Venice Beach that I began to immerse myself into the beautiful world of henna. As I delved, 
I discovered that Mehndi is sacred. It's about women, tradition, celebration, hope, good fortune, spirituality, and natural beauty. 

​From that, I cultivated a distinct perspective on henna tattooing that combined Eastern traditions and philosophies of Mehndi with the Western styles of self-expression and diversity. My work is free-hand and uniquely tailored for every client and event.

As I grew, and engaged in spiritual ceremonies, sweat lodges, and meditation retreats, my artistic attention flourished and transitioned into elaborate paintings reflecting the robust, mosaic spirit indigenous communities carry.  My paintings embodied the intricate designs housed in the soil, and the sun, and the seas.

I was born a creative spirit. From an early age, I had an immense curiosity about ancient and native culture.  I consumed as much information and as many stories as I could... immersing myself in different cultures. 

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